Ecotherapy for Individuals

Suzannah Ferron
What ecotherapy will look like will depend on you. Chances are, I will encourage exercise, morning walks and time out in nature.

You may also find it helpful and healing to…

  • Have some sessions outdoors, when and where appropriate.
  • Spend more time in a natural setting.
  • Create a meditation garden or sacred space outdoors or indoors, using natural elements.
  • Do an outdoor walking meditation.
  • Process grief related to environmental destruction and climate change.
  • Take regular technology breaks.
  • Spend time with animal companions.
  • Become active in social or environmental issues or community projects.
  • Reduce your consumption habits.
  • Connect with yourself, others and your local ecosystem through planting native trees, or starting a native bee, butterfly and bird garden.

I am happy to explore with you how we might implement ecotherapy into your sessions and the time between.