My Approach

I see therapy as a space for personal growth, healing and change for the better.My Approach

So, while we’ll talk about your problems and challenges, we’ll also explore your strengths, your hopes, your ways of thinking, feeling and being in the world, what brought you to this moment, what makes you uniquely you.

Together we’ll explore what isn’t working and how it got that way. We’ll look at not only family dynamics but societal forces that influence you. We’ll tap into your personal strengths, relationships, values and goals to help you create positive change and find solutions that work for you.

My intention is to support your healing, personal growth, empowerment and resiliency and to help you recognize and nurture healthier, more loving relationships.

While much of our session will be spent talking, we may also incorporate…

  • Writing.
  • Meditation and mindful awareness.
  • Art.
  • Education and skills
  • Community resources.
  • Stories, poems, movies, tv, music and theater for education as well as inspiration.
  • Spending more time outdoors, including in session, when appropriate,
  • Dreamwork.

For adult daughters of critical, abusive or emotionaly absent mothers and/or fathers, I am also certified in the 5-Step WIEBGE (“Will I Ever Be Good Enough”) Recovery Process, which has helped many adult daughters reclaim their lives from painful childhoods.

I look forward to seeing you.