Adult Daughters of Critical, Abusive Or Emotionally Absent Parents

Adult daughters abusive emotionally absent parentsWe need more than food, water and shelter to grow into healthy adults. We need love, support, connection and encouragement.

As an adult daughter of a critical, distant or abusive parent, you may find yourself…

  • Trying to be perfect.
  • Feeling somehow different or not as good as others.
  • Negatively comparing yourself to others.
  • Under-functioning or over-functioning.
  • Being unable to fully trust, believe in or appreciate yourself.
  • Sabotaging your accomplishments.
  • Choosing unhealthy relationships.
  • Self-soothing through food, substances, shopping, work, relationships or sex.
  • Taking care of others at your own expense.
  • Anxious and depressed.
  • Struggling to recognize your own strengths, talents, intelligence and beauty.
  • Feeling like you’re faking it.
  • Feeling shame about who you are or who you aren’t.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Certified in the 5-Step WIEBGE (“Will I Ever Be Good Enough”) Recovery Process, I can work with you to help you recognize and heal the effects of the past so you can enjoy the authentic and joyful life you deserve.