My Story

Suzannah FerronWith its emphasis on personal empowerment, cultural diversity and social/environmental justice, Antioch University at Los Angeles was where I earned my MA in Psychology. I specialized in community psychology, which acknowledges the importance of the relationship between individuals and their immediate environment, their communities and society at large. I also focused on LGBTIQ-affirmative psychology.

I interned at the California Family Counseling Center and in private practice, where I helped women, men, children, couples and families from diverse backgrounds on a range of issues, including anxiety, depression,relationship conflicts, divorce/break-up, self-esteem and assertiveness. I also created a social and emotional skills program for preschool children using art, original music, story, puppetry, dance and role play.

With an MA in English Literature, I have been a university English instructor and a professional writer. I have also worked in different capacities related to sustainable living and social justice. I have studied depth psychology, dreamwork, ecotherapy and mindfulness practices, all of which I incorporate into my work.

Apart from helping people live fuller, more authentic and connected lives, I enjoy the arts, spending time in nature, and raising monarch butterflies.

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